25 January 2014

Happy Birthday Vine!

One year ago Twitter gave birth to a beautiful baby....6-second video sharing platform - formally known as Vine. Since launching last January, Vine has acquired over 40 million users (August 2013) - although they are very tight lipped about how many of these are actually active and producing vines. 

In case you haven't  used Vine before, it's a feed-style channel that lets users create 6 second video clips (Vines) that loop when played back until the viewer pauses or scrolls down their feed to the next video. Like Facebook / Instagram you can 'like' and 'comment' on videos, and also 're-vine' to share the video on your profile. The 're-vine' feature is the little button behind many Vines going viral & users becoming 'Vine Stars' and accumulating millions of followers in a matter of days. 

I've had the app downloaded on my phone for a while now, and I mainly use it to scroll through my feed and watch Vines from users I follow - I seem to have a penchant for comedy/humorous ones! In fact, I think the comedy Vines make the best use of the platform (who knew 6 seconds could be so funny?) and make me the most interested to see what happens next? Famous comedians doing live vine-gigs? 

I haven't ventured into actually creating a vine yet - I think this might be because all the vines/users I see are so funny that I feel a bit intimidated about creating one? I wonder if other people feel this way as I've read suggestions that although the platform has over 40 million users - it's only a small number of these 'stars' that are actually creating vines...

Anyway, it's a typical Scottish morning with a steady stream of horizontal rain and snow so here are some of my favourite Vines that have literally made me LOL to cheer us up and shoo away the January blues :) 

I think aussie godzilla is my favourite :) 

Thanks for reading, Melissa x

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