22 February 2013

The best social content....of all time!

The title of this blog post sounds like something that should be read out by the 'movie voice over guy' and followed by a fanfare of trumpets. In fact it's a round up of some of the best social content that's been published online since the dawn of (internet) time.

Now, by "best" I don't mean the best idea, most creative, most thought out or well executed  - I mean the content that people have went mad for and 'clicked,shared, RT'd and liked' in a frenzy until their hearts were content.

There's no hard and fast formula for creating content that will be 'shareable' although there are some tips that can help (keep an eye out for a future blog post on these!) You could spend months working on an idea, and it could be fantastic but it could easily be taken over by a video of a cat playing a piano. 

From the examples below it seems that to gain massive exposure on the web it helps to be famous, announce a major milestone and finally...who doesn't like garlic bread?! 

Here we go, a list of the most popular content from some of of today's major social networks (obviously this could change any day now)   

Most RT'd tweet ever with 814,411 RT's when Obama announced he had been re-elected as President. 

 View original tweet

Most shared post with around 2,000,000 shares is a prank from Nolan Daneils who claimed he would give £1mil of his lottery winnings to someone who shared this photo post. 

Most re-pinned pin of all time is a recipe for cheesy garlic bread with 103,000 re-pins. (mamma mia thatsa lotta garlic!)

View original Pin

Most watched video ever on YouTube with 512,883,948 views is a clip of Charlie, the blood thirsty tyrant!!

Linkedin There aren't any stats on the most popular Linkedin article of all time, but the most popular article of 2012 about being a good employee and has been shared over 25,000 times. 
View original article Foursquare The most checked-in places on Foursquare are airports and the most popular with 1,011,808 check-ins so far is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  View original place Reddit The top link on Reddit ever (apart from a test) is 'Bus Knight' - a story about a rather eventful bus journey with 21,307 votes.
View original link Flickr Most popular picture on Flickr is a snap of Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunjee with 3,175,697 views. The photographer claims it's not his "best photography moment"
View original photo  Instagram There's no way to sort Instagram photos by likes but it's estimated that the most liked photo is from the top two 'followed' members: Selena Gomez wishing her beau Justin Bieber a Happy Birthday. 150,000 likes & counting!
View the original tweet (the Instagram photo is now removed) Itunes The most downloaded song ever is 'I gotta feeling' by the Black Eyes Peas with 6,000,000 downloads (figure from 2010)
View the song on Itunes Thanks for reading! Who know's what viral wonders we'll see next time we check our news feeds... Melissa x
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