2 July 2012

On the road to nowhere....QR codes.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I started a new job as 'Social Media Assistant' last week with the 2014 Commonwealth Games, so things have been a bit crazy! 

One thing that I've been wanting to post about for a while is QR tags. My pet hate has become randomly placed QR codes that seem to 'go to nowhere'. They don't give the user instructions or guide's as to where they lead when used / what the user can gain from using them, or are just pointless!

In case you haven't heard of QR codes, they stand for 'Quick Response tags'. They are used on product packaging, shop displays, printed and billboard advertisements as well as in emails and on websites. They work by the user scanning the code with their smartphone, and they are then taken to a custom link such as a website. 

More and More I have been seeing them used in silly locations, the best (or worst) example was at the end of a TV advert, when it was on screen for about 2 seconds - even The Flash couldn't have managed to get a shot of that! They seem to be just getting stuck on everything these days as they are popular, everyone thinks they they should be using one too!

Have a wee jive!

I'm going to be creating a round up on this page of bad examples of QR Codes I find in real life, so if you see any remember to take a picture and send it over to me so I can include it!

Thanks for reading,
Melissa x

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