2 August 2013

Great marketing ideas - Prince George and Hello Flo!

I've been a terrible blogger recently. We had a brief spell of gloriously nice weather in Scotland and I couldn't bring myself to pick up my laptop, let along sit and think about writing! My thoughts were more along the lines of 'How's my tan coming along', and 'ANOTHER BBQ?!' 

Don't panic - we've now resumed normality and Scotland is once again bathed in a blanket of cloud and drizzle. A such I've gave myself a kick up the bahookey and shall be getting back into writing once again. 

The idea behind this post is just to give you a look at a couple of great marketing ideas I've seen out and about recently. 

George's Royal Baby line

To celebrate the birth of little Prince George - George 'at Asda' cleverly produced a range of baby clothing. Some people are taking it too serious and claiming it's tacky, and hey - it is a little, but I also think it's a great example of 'going with the flow' and being reactive to major events. (like Oreo's 'you can still enjoy them in the dark' advert when the lights went out at the SuperBowl)

Hello Flo - The Camp Gyno video

For the life of me I can't remember how I discovered this video, but it's been created by American brand 'Hello Flo' which is a service delivering 'feminine products' to young girls. It's fantastically cringey at points and I think it's a memorable and light hearted way to get young girls talking about a sometimes embarrassing subject. 

Have you seen any great marketing ideas lately? Comment below! Thanks for reading! Melissa.

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